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Love & Peace


Sion Sono


A timid, no-hoper employee, Ryoichi Suzuki used to dream of becoming a punk rocker. However, his dream failed, and now, he is frequently bullied by his colleagues and bosses in the company. One day, he stumbles upon a small turtle at the pet shop. A love at first sight, Ryoichi decides to keep the turtle as his pet and names “Picadon”. Ryoichi talks about his dream and sing songs to his one and only friend, Picadon and starts carrying the turtle around everywhere he goes. But when his colleague finds out that Ryoichi is bringing the turtle to the office, Ryoichi is pushed to the edge and by chance, flushes Picadon down the toilet…
Drifting through the sewer, Picadon is washed ashore to the mysterious strange place where the broken toys and battered dolls talk and live in harmony. However, all the toys were dumped and abandoned by the humans and they all share pain and sorrow. Picadon is saved by a mysterious old man and is given a candy that will allow him to talk like other toys.
Meanwhile, a broken-hearted Ryoichi is forced to sing in front of the public by the street musicians. Ryoichi sings a song for Picadon, however, the music producer misunderstands it as an anti-war song and Ryoichi quickly break through as a star.
As Ryoichi scores consecutive hits and starts fulfilling his dreams, simultaneously, Picadon gradually transforms. The old man notice that he made a mistake. He gave Picadon a candy that will make him grow every time he grants Ryoichi’s wish.
At holy night, the monster appears in the city and miracle happens…!


Hiroki Hasegawa, Kumiko Aso, Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Eita Okuno, Motoki Fukami, Toru Tezuka, Makita Sports, Miyuki Matsuda


Writer: Sion Sono; Music: Yasuhiko Fukuda; Cinematographer: Shinya Kimura; Editor: Junichi Ito


Fantasia IFF, Beijing International Film Festival

Director's Filmography

- Kuso-yarō to Utsukushiki Sekai, 2018

- Tokyo Vampire Hotel, 2017

- Shinjuku Swan II, 2017

- Antiporno, 2016

- Madly (segment "Love of Love"), 2015

- The Virgin Psychics, 2015

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- Tag, 2015

- Love & Peace, 2015

- Shinjuku Swan, 2015

- All Esper Dayo! SP, TV Movie, 2015

- Tokyo Tribe, 2014

- Venice 70: Future Reloaded, collective documentary, 2013

- Minna! ESPer Dayo!, TV Series, 2013

- Why Don't You Play in Hell?, 2013

- The Land of Hope, 2012

- Kenkichi, 2012

- Himizu, 2011

- Guilty of Romance, 2011

- Cold Fish, 2010

- Make the Last Wish, 2009

- Be Sure to Share, 2009

- Love Exposure, 2008

- Exte, 2007

- Jikô keisatsu, TV Show, 2006

- Balloon Club, Afterwards, 2006

- Strange Circus, 2005

- Noriko's Dinner Table, 2005

- Into a Dream, 2005

- Hazard, 2005

- Nô-pantsu gâruzu:Movie box-ing2:Otona ni Nattara, Anthology, 2004

- Chichi no Hi, 2003

- Prom Night, 2002

- Father's Day, short, 2001

- 0cm4, short, 2001

- Suicide Club, 2001

- Seigi no tatsujin: Nyotai tsubo saguri, 2000

- Utsushimi, 2000

- Depression Blot, 1999

- Dankon: The Man, 1998

- Kaze, short, 1998

- Keiko Dessukedo (I Am Keiko), 1997

- Bad Film, 1995

- Heya: The Room, 1992

- Bicycle Sighs, 1990

- Decisive Match! Boys Dorm vs Girls Dorm, 1988

- Love, short, 1986

- A Man's Flower Road, 1986

- I Am Sion Sono!!, short, 1985

- Love Song, short, 1984

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