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El Patrullero

Highway Patrolman


Alex Cox


Pedro is a rookie policeman assigned to patrol the highway near the northern Mexico border. Fresh out of police academy, Pedro still tries to do things by the book but he must balance his moral convictions between with what's right for his career and the people around him.


Roberto Sosa, Bruno Bichir, Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez, Vanessa Bauche


Writer: Lorenzo O'Brien; Cinematographer: Miguel Garzon; Composer: Zander Schloss; Editor: Carlos Puente; Production Designer: Cecilia Montel


San Sebastian IFF, New York Film Critics Circle Awards, Mystfest, Ariel Awards

Director's Filmography

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Straight to Hell Returns, 2010

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Shiritsu tantei Hama Maiku, TV Series, 2002

A Hard Look, documentary, 2000

Kurosawa: The Last Emperor, documentary, 1999

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Rambler '65, short, 1997

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Highway Patrolman, 1991

Red Hot and Blue, segment Well, Did You Evah!, 1990

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