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Qué Pelo Más Guay

The Coolest Hair


Borja Echevarría


Fran and Eddie, two sad gangsters, wait for the buyer of a full of cocaine suitcase in an abandoned hair dresser. When one of them goes to the bathroom, will travel in time, and when the other goes… Will travel IN the movie…


Juan Fernández, Santiago Molero, Rulo Pardo


Writers: Borja Echeverría, Santiago Molero, Rulo Pardo; Composer: Ivan Ruiz Serrano; Cinematographer: Alexander Del Barco; Editor: Borja Echeverría


Sitges Fantastic Film Festival 2012, Zombie Fest

Extra Contents

Film adaption of Sexpeare's Theatre play

Director's Filmography

- The Coolest Hair (Qué Pelo Más Guay), 2012

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