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Dangiska pamaina

Heavenly Shift


Márk Bodzsár


Death does not select, man does. Set in Budapest, Heavenly Shift offers an eerie insight into the everyday lives of a rather extraordinary ambulance crew. The film's main character is Milan, a young refugee from the Balkan War, who joins a team of paramedics but inadvertently ends up involved in the funeral business in order to finance his fiancee's rescue from the war.


András Ötvös, Roland Rába, Tamás Keresztes, Sándor Zsótér


Writer: Márk Bodzsár; Composer: Gábor Keresztes; Cinematographer: Dániel Reich; Editor: Zoltán Kovács


Warsaw FF, Valladolid International Film Fest, Vilnius FF, Taipei Golden Horse

Director's Filmography

- Comrade Drakulich (Drakulics elvtárs), 2018

- Heavenly Shift, 2013

- East Side Stories (segment "The Other Side"), 2012

- Hajónapló, TV, 2009

- Decameron (segment "Bloody Mary"), 2007

- A Masculinum Felé, short, 2006

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