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O que se move

The Moving Creatures


Caetano Gotardo


Three mothers are dealing with every parent’s worst nightmare, losing a child. They try to continue leading normal lives as they search for what can prevent them from falling apart.


Wandré Gouveia, Cida Moreira, Rômulo Braga, Andrea Marquee, Fernanda Vianna, Henrique Schafer, Gabriel do Reis


Writer: Caetano Gotardo; Composers: Marco Dutra, Caetano Gotardo, Ramiro Murillo; Cinematographer: Heloísa Passos; Editor: Juliana Rojas


MIami FF, Cinelatino Toulouse, IndieLisboa

Director's Filmography

- Your Bones and Your Eyes, 2019

- Let the Storm, short, 2017

- Choclo, short, 2015

- The Moving Creatures, 2013

- Matéria, short, 2013

- Sorry, Mrs. Madam, short, 2013

- The Boats, short, 2012

- Outras Pessoas, short, 2010

- O menino Japonês, short, 2009

- Areia, short, short, 2008

- Feito não para doer, short, 2003

- The Open Diary of R., short, 2003

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