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Alex Cox Pack


Want to dive deep into the world of Cult Film director Alex Cox? With this pack you will receive 3 individual codes for a reduced price. Entering them into any Alex Cox film page gives you 72 hours streaming access.

Discover and rewatch his films on Spamflix, through a five film Retrospective.

Available Alex Cox films:

- Highway Patrolman (El Patrullero, 1991)

- Death & the Compass (1996), based on Jorge Luis Borges' short story

- Three Businessmen (1998), fantasy/comedy with Miguel Sandoval, Alex Cox and Robert Wisdom.

- Straight to Hell Returns (2010), digital remastering and re-cut version of the 1987 cult film, starring Sy Richardons, Joe Strummer, Courtney Love, Kathy Burke, featuring cameos of Dennis Hopper, Jim Jarmush, Elvis Costello, Grace Jones and The Pogues!

- Tombstone Rashomon (2017), Alex Cox's latest directorial effort

Please note that in case any of the Alex Cox's title should not be available in your country, you may use the codes to watch any other available title.

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Dec 31, 2019

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