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NEW RELEASE - Jump into the Void


Now showing globally on Spamflix Daniel Calparsoro's first feature Jump Into the Void, which competed at the 45th Berlinale.


The gritty crime film saw the debut of actress and singer Najwa Nimri (Money Heist / La casa de papel) who portrays the hopelessness of the 90's youth in Basque country, filled with Smashing Pumpkins, long takes, captivating handheld camerawork and twisted comic moments. Karra Elejalde (of Nacho Vigalondo's Timecrimes fame) is another standout in the cast, playing Alex's brother who is a constant source of worries for his addictions and shady deals.




Alex is a 20 year old girl with the word ‘Void’ shaved into her hair that survives in an extremely hard social environment thanks to her strong personality. Her family is financially dependant on her illegal arms trafficking jobs, where she constantly risks dying or killing someone. Alex is the only girl on a men's group, torn between her need to love and a life based on violence.