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NEW RELEASE - I Married a Strange Person!




Imagine Tex Avery on acid, and you're ready for Bill Plympton's "I Married a Strange Person!", an exuberantly twisted fantasiaVariety


Grant Boyer's has gained a special secret power: whatever he imagines actually happens in real life. Sexual fantasies, daydreams, flashes of random weirdness, they all come true, thanks to a strange nodule at the back of his neck. Now a television network plots to steal Grant's nodule for their own benefit.


All seven animated features by the “King of Indie Animation”, Bill Plympton are available on Spamflix alongside with a special Film Pack to save up to 50% off the retrospective!


Now showing

The Tune (1992)

I Married a Strange Person! (1997)

Mutant Aliens (2001)

Hair High (2004)

Idiots & Angels (2008)

Cheatin’ (2013)

Revengeance (2016)


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