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NEW RELEASE - The Antenna




A superior genre thriller with timely political bite. Loaded with striking visual touches, this atmospheric nerve-jangler tips its hat to David Lynch’s gothic surrealism and David Cronenberg’s squirmy body horror, with pleasing detours into Dario Argento-style lurid giallo mania, too. — The Hollywoord Reporter


Compared to the greats in cinematic surrealism and body horror, the sci-fi thriller by Oçurn Behram THE ANTENNA (2019), is an allegory for lack of the freedom of speech in today’s Turkey and is now streaming on Spamflix. Premiered at TIFF, Fantastic Fest and SITGES film festivals.


If a young David Cronenberg found himself working in present-day Turkey, he might have made a movie like The Antenna, a gripping combination of body horror, building horror, and political allegory. — Vulture



The inhabitants of an apartment building are caught in a living nightmare when a radical, new communications technology goes horribly awry.