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NEW RELEASE - August 32nd on Earth




Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, SicarioArrival, Blade Runner 2049, Dune) has arrived Spamflix with his debut film August 32nd on Earth (Un 32 août sur terre).


Before Villenueve went on to direct some of the most captivating thrillers and science fiction stories of the 2000's, most around the theme of mortality, his 1998 debut was already enchanting its audience, as denoted by the Variety review: "The most striking thing about “August 32nd on Earth” is the visuals, and there’s no question Villeneuve has real talent in that department."


After surviving a car wreck virtually unscathed, a young model compels her best friend to impregnate her at the salt flats in Utah.


The film premiered at Cannes Film Festival - Un Certain Regard Competition and is now streaming on Spamflix.