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Brazilian Collective - Filmes do Caixote - Selected Filmography



Full Moons, Graveyards, Lost sons, Singing Mothers and Haunted Supermarkets land on Spamflix, in a selected filmography from the Brazilian collective Filmes do Caixote!


"Filmes do Caixote" headed by directors Juliana Rojas, Marco Dutra and Caetano Gotardo have been working together since their academic years. Lack of funds and the need to practice led to this joint artistic foray where they inspired each other's cinematographic language and style. Since its official creation in 2006, the collective has delivered successful short films. And thus over the years, the three directors kept working on each other's projects, such is the case of Marco Dutra's composer credit in Necropolis Symphony and The Moving Creatures (in which Juliana Rojas also acted as the editor) or Caetano Gotardo's editor credit in Good Manners and Hard Labor.

Through their poetical visual imaginary, that features supernatural elements, musical storytelling, undramatic dialogues and everyday life characters, they are able to picture brazilian contemporary society and deliver a powerful social commentary stressing among other things, issues of inclusion.


Available titles on Spamflix:

Good Manners (2017)

Clara, a lonely nurse from the outskirts of São Paulo, is hired by mysterious and wealthy Ana as the nanny of her unborn child. Against all odds, the two women develop a strong bond. But a fateful night changes their plans.

Necropolis Symphony (2014)

Deodato is an apprentice gravedigger at a cemetery in Sao Paulo. His uncle – the chief gravedigger - tries to sensitize him to the function, but it is useless: the job afflicts Deodato. When the number of vacant tombs starts to run out, Jaqueline - an officer from the city’s Funerary Bureau - arrives at the cemetery. Deodato must help her to locate abandoned graves, but strange events make him think about the implications of tampering with the dead.

The Moving Creatures (2013)

Three families, in three different situations, have to deal with a sudden change in their lives, caused by a loss or a re encounter. Three mothers sing their love for their children while facing difficult times. A film about affection on the borders of painful happenings.

Doppelgänger - short included as extra content in Necropolis Symphony (2012)

Silvia is a young teacher at an elementary school. One day, her class is interrupted when the students notice her double walking on the other side of the street. Silvia tries to ignore the apparition, but this strange event begins to permeate her daily life and transform her personality. Discovery Award winner at Cannes Critics' Week 2012.

Hard Labor (2011)

Young housewife Helena is on the verge of fulfilling a dream as she prepares to open her own business: a neighborhood grocery store. She hires a maid, Paula, to take care of her house and daughter. But when her husband Otavio is suddenly fired from his job as an insurance executive, Helena is left to support the family alone. As Otavio fails to find work and becomes increasingly alienated, business struggles to take off and the pressure on Helena mounts. To make things worse, she discovers that one of the building's brick walls seems to be crumbling. Helena begins to wonder if that may be the cause of all her problems.