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QUIZ WINNERS: Waiting for BIFFF 2020


This time around we gave a chance for everyone to win tickets to a film festival in Belgium, the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF).

Out of the 15 (easy and hard) questions, each of the top 3 classified will receive a ticket to the opening night of BIFFF in April 2020. Everyone in the top 5 also wins Spamflix film coupons.


Here are the top 5 users and their prizes!


1st - Jonathan Destree (UK) with 14 correct answers in 268 seconds - 1  BIFFF 2020 opening night ticket + 3 Spamflix Film coupons


2nd - Bram Wasito (Indonesia) with 13 correct answers in 554 seconds - 1 BIFFF 2020 opening night ticket + 2 Spamflix Film coupons


3rd - Vanderheyden Yoachim (Belgium) with 12 correct answers in 100 seconds - 1 BIFFF 2020 opening night ticket + 1 Spamflix Film coupon


4th - Vadelorge Manon (Belgium) with 12 correct answers in 152 seconds - 1 Spamflix Film coupon


5th - Axel Beelen (Belgium) with 11 correct answers in 172 seconds -  1 Spamflix Film coupon


No Travel or accommodation included.

If a winner can't attend the opening night, the ticket will be forfeited to the next placed contestant that didn't win a ticket.


Congratulation to all the winners! You will soon be contacted by email to claim your prizes.


If you didn't win this time, check out our Games section in the link below for more trivia quizzes!