Spamflix - A movie streaming platform for cult films | Spamflix: Watch Cult Films Online

Spamflix - A movie streaming platform for cult films


Ever wanted to watch more Auteur Cinema?

Spamflix is a Video on Demand (VOD) platform for cult films. Some were a hit in film festivals and worlwide, but others never reached their full worlwide audience. Unlike other streaming services, Spamflix is a pay-per-view platform where you only pay for the movies you want to watch. You can then stream it as many times you want for 72 hours.


However, you can save by purchasing our Film Packs instead of buying films invidiually. Film Packs are perfect for those interested in more than one film or watching Film Retrospectives, but they can also be used as gifts to be given to someone else.


Stream independent cinema on Spamflix. Watch niche films from every genre, from black comedy films, to crime, experimental, absurd comedies from directors such as Quentin Dupieux, Sion Sono, Alex Cox, Denis Côté, Hitoshi Matsumoto, Davide Manuli, Don Coscarelli, Onur Tukel, Peter Strickland, Sang-ho Yeon and many more.


Spamflix is available worldwide at Dive into the Now Playing section to see which art films are streaming in your country.

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