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NEW RELEASE - Burning Love




BURNING LOVE (Pecore in Erba) by Alberto Caviglia, a mockumentary about a anti-Semite.

Trastevere, the historic district of the Italian capital is put into turmoil by a sensational news story: the famous anti-Semite, Leonardo Zuliani, has disappeared. The case becomes a true national emergency, but who's Leonardo? And what really happened?

“…BURNING LOVE is a deliriously funny, at times shockingly biting satire designed as a news feature on the disappearance of a young man who galvanizes the world into being proud of its latent anti-Semitism […] Part of what makes the film so clever is the way Caviglia reveals the hollowness of “tolerance,” knowing that beneath this overused word lies an ocean of prejudice. “Burning Love” is the mockumentary equivalent of “The Simpsons,” exposing through exaggeration by making its protag a likeable bigot whose off-the-charts anti-Semitism seems, on the one hand, ridiculously hyperbolic, yet on the other feels only slightly embellished”. – Variety


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