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New Release - Trieste Science+Fiction Shorts Programme



A selection of 5 Italian shorts screened at Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, ranging from post-apocalyptic nightmares, to zombie outbreaks and a black comedy in the style of German expressionist films.


In the Beginning by Daniele Nicolosi

In a near future, after a global disaster, a man wanders through a sick and inhospitable land in search of his family. In a small town in northen Italy, he meets a mysterious survivor with whom he begins a dialogue that leads to a disconcerting awakening.


N.L.A. by Marco Minciarelli

In a country where the unemployment has almost disappeared and the quality of life is the highest ever, Leonardo, an unemployed former addict, is approached by N.L.A., a  mysterious agency which seems know everything about him. People dear to Leonardo, forced to collaborate with the agency, will understand that the truth behind the economic recovery of the country is more terryfing than they thought...


N by Iacopo Di Girolamo

An expressionist nightmare in which an inventor and his colleague test the ‘Automaton’, a machine able to create things from nothing. The machine works perfectly as long as the items it’s asked to create start with the letter "N" German. The results of the test will be predictably catastrophic.


Stop Invasion! by Leopoldo Medugno

A mysterious epidemic is spreading through Italy. There are those who think that it's happening because of the vaccines, while others are ready to swear that it is the fault of a meat-based diet, but until now the most accepted hypothesis is that the disease has started with the foreigners.


Divina Mortis by Josh Heisenberg

A dark story about fundamentalist monks and ravenous zombies. In this dawn of the living dead story, a dark sect of friars is convinced the Catholic faith can protect them from a zombie plague.

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