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Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival - Spamflix Viewer's Guide


Spamflix is proud to host the 2020 online event of Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival.

Between June 10-16th, films from cult directors like Gaspar Noé, Takashi Miike and Quentin Dupieux are streaming for FREE on Spamflix in Lebanon.

To access the online event you must create a free Spamflix account and you're ready!

Check out the full line-up below

Feature Films:

Abou Leila - Amin Sidi-Boumédine, Drama/Mystery/Thriller, 2019

Blood Machines - Seth Ickerman, Space Opera, 2019

Climax - Gaspar Noé, Psychological Horror, 2018

First Love - Takashi Miike, Crime Thriller, 2019)

Initials S.G. - Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia, Comedy/Drama, 2019

Le Daim / Deerskin - Quentin Dupieux, Comedy Horror, 2019

Memory: The Origins of Alien - Alexandre O. Philippe, Documentary, 2019

The Long Walk - Mattie Do, Drama/Sci-Fi, 2019

Why Don't You Just Die! - Kirill Sokolov, Black Comedy, 2018


International Shorts:


Piggy - Carlota Martinez-Pereda, Horror/Drama, 2018

So What If The Goats Die - Sofia Alaoui, Fantasy, 2019


7 Lebanese Shorts - Maskoon Shorts Programme:

A Shot in the Dark (Dir. by Roger Helou)

Crossover (Léa Kanaan)

Glitch (Charbel Kosseifi)

Jabbara (Samir Kawas)

Neon Ashes (Ali Hamouch)

Noisy Caterwaul (Cynthia Abu Jawdeh)

Quarter Rest (Geawargios Hanna)

The Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival Online event is only available in Lebanon.