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LIVE Q&A with Esteban Sapir


This friday, 21/08 join us for a conversation with the director of The Aerial (La Antena) on our instagram @spamflix at 18:30 Lisbon Time.


This near-silent B&W film with a German Expressionist design is streaming on Spamflix.

A whole town and its people have remained devoid of speech and are going through a long and harsh winter. An evil unscrupulous man, Mr TV, sole owner of the images that are shown in town and of a large number of products, carries out an evil secret plan to control every single soul in town forever. To build this monopoly he has invested in the creation of a dangerous machine that sends hypnotizing images through the TV screen to make people buy his products compulsively.This strange machine works with a voice singing. That is why Mr TV orders to kidnap a beautiful charming woman, the only person who mysteriously keeps her speech powers.


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