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2 Free Shorts by Paul Negoescu


Until the end of October, you can enjoy two short films for free from the Romanian director Paul Negoescu, whose 2 features, Two Lottery Tickets and The Story of a Summer Lover, are also available on our platform worldwide.

Derby - Black Comedy, Romania, Germany,  2010, 14’


Mircea's 15 year old daughter is having her boyfriend over for dinner. He arrives early and they go to her bedroom. While watching TV, Mircea hears his daughter moaning from her room. They start dinner and Mircea finds out that the boyfriend supports a different football team. Premiered at the 60th Berlinale.

Horizon - Fantasy, Romania, 2012, 11’


If a fisherman mysteriously disappears in the depths of the Black Sea and there is nobody around to hear him, does he make a sound? Premiered at Cannes Critic’s Week in 2012.


Aditionally, to celebrate the occasion, Spamflix’s founder, Markus Duffner, will also hold a Q&A soon to be announced on our socials media.

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