Spamflix: Watch Cult Films Online

Free Extra Contents, Prices in Local Currency and more now available on Spamflix!


Spamflix has implemented changes that will improve your experience of watching cult films on our website and apps.


Free Extra contents


Browse through our Films and watch free extra contents in selected titles.


Price in your local currency


You can now browse Spamflix with your preferred currency to rent films and purchase Film Packs. Spamflix transactions are made through Paypal - since we're based in Portugal we operate in Euros, but you can choose your currency to estimate the rate in your local price.


New Film Packs


Check out our new Short Films Pack that comes with 8 codes to watch our shorts programmes. Expect more Film Packs surrounding titles, genres and themes to become available regularly.


iOS App Changes


Since we do not wish to raise the rates of our service, purchases through the iOS app are now no longer possible. However, you can still rent a film or purchase a Film Pack on our website and then watch the contents on your iPhone/iPad and cast it to your Apple TV or Chromecast device. This change does not affect our Android App.

As always, we're always open for your feedback, don't be shy and Contact us or drop us a message on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.