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Lund Fantastic Film Festival 2020 on Spamflix // Informations and Schedule


Spamflix is proud to partner with Lund Fantastic Film Festival to host online screenings for the 2020 edition.

Throughout the 28th of October to the 1st of November stream 9 films and 36 short films spread over 5 Shorts packages. Each film will be available for viewing for the 24 hours after its premiere time, while the Shorts packages will be online throughout the entire duration of the festival.

All Lund Fantastic content will only be available in Sweden and have English dialogue or English subtitles.


Each film and Short package on Spamflix can be bought individually for 4€ or you can acquire a 5 Films Pass for 16€ or the Full Festival Pass (with 18 coupons) for 35€. You can pay with Paypal or Credit Card.


Each pass will come with single several use codes to unlock the films/shorts packages. If you're using a computer, you need to go to My Film Packs on your profile, and copy a coupon code to the "Use your coupon" box in the film pages.

On the mobile Apps you can go directly to the film you want and press that you want to use the Film Pack / Festival Pass. You don't need to copy/paste codes!




All Lund content can be watched on our website, iOS, Android and Android TV apps or cast to your Apple TV and Chromecast.

Due to recent changes, the iOS app no longer allows purchases. However, you can rent a film or purchase a the Pass on our website and then watch the contents on your iOS device.




(in swedish time)

Wednesday, 28th October

22:00 -  Butt Boy by Tyler Cornack


Thursday, 29th October

18:00 - Sleep by Michael Venus


Friday, 30th October

15:00 - The Legend of Baron To'a by Kiel McNaughton

18:00 - Particles by Blaise Harrison

20:00 - Teddy by Ludovic Boukherma, Zoran Boukherma

22:00 - Get The Hell Out by Wang I-fan


Saturday, 31st October

16:00 - Marygoround by Daria Woszek - Limited to the first 200 people

22:00 - The Queen of Black Magic by Kimo Stamboel


Sunday, 1st November

12:00 - Woman of the Photographs by Takeshi Kushida 

14:00 - Darkness by Emanuela Rossi - Limited to the first 200 people




(available throughout all festival)

Starting from 17:00 on Wednesday, 28th October 


Méliès d'argent short films 2021

- Migrations by Jerome Peters

The Rave by Johannes Magnus Aule

- Ad Lib by Joseph Catté

- Lussevaka by Johanna Sutherland

- Hungry Joe by Paul Nicholas Holbrook, Sam Dawe

- Migrants by Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, Zoé Devise

- Polter by Álvaro Vicario


Oddities Weird Enough?

- Carries Doing Great by Bryce Kraehenbuehl, Alexander Salkicevic

- And Then God Laughed by Sonya Zouiten Dagata, Carlos Robles-Gil

- Spoon by Victor Velasco

- Carnival of Waiters by Alexander Peskador

- Verdict 30001: The Cookies by Samuel Häkkinen, Henna Välkky

- The Silence of the River by Francesca Canepa

- Broccoli by Eliott Fettweis

- Washout by Alexandre Masson


Identity Crisis: A Suspense package

- Now That You're Mine by Petra Lumioksa

- Personae by Rémy Rondeau

- Jabbara by Samir Kawas

- The Third Person by Pouya Aminpouri

- Song Sparrow by Farzaneh Omidvarnia

- Mantis by Hugo Fernández


Near and Far: A Sci-Fi package

- Recall by Kim Dongsik

- Lal by Gökalp Gönen

- 7 Degrees by Tino Fernández

- Oxygen by Rocky Grispen, Violette Belzer

- Vikaari by Sandun Seneviratne, Charlie Bray

- Paralell Offer by Jeein Paek

- Microtopia by Audrey Defonte, Denis Koessler, Philip Gonçalves, Alexandre Terrier, Pierre Duhem, Achille Bauduin


Pushing Boundaries: A Fantasy package

- Cone by Sébastien Auger

- 3 Murs & un Toi (3 Walls & a roof) by Mathilde Dugardin, Orane Laffra, Hugo de Magalhaes, Wassim El Hammami

- Audio Guide by Chris Elena

- Balloon by Jeremy Merrifield

- Teething by Glen Matthews

- Archibald's Syndrome by Daniel Perez

- Gold Is Eating People by Xia SU

- The Little One by Danilo Bećković



To vote for your favourite Shorts, go to our Games section and pick the revelant survey of the package you wish to vote on.

To vote for your favourite films, do so in the film pages.

When voting keep in mind that 1 star is boooh (you didn't like it at all) and 5 stars is Yaay! (you loved it).

Enjoy the festival!