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New Sci-Fi short in Trieste Science+Fiction Shorts Programme


The Italian short film Scenario (2018) by To Guys (Alessandro De Leo and Alex Avella) has been added to the Trieste Science+Fiction Shorts Programme!

In this programme you can watch a selection of 6 shorts that played at this Italian genre festival.

Synopsis: After a mysterious introduction to the story by a fisherman, a woman meets what appears to be an alien in the middle of the night and decides to help him, taking him to a cabin in the woods. The atmosphere is enigmatic and ambiguous, but somehow the two characters start trusting each other. As the threat of a gunshot breaks into the storyline, the two reveal themselves as very aware of the threatening surrounding as they start running away not only from the imminent danger but from the whole story itself.

Watch the trailer!

Other shorts in the programme:

In the Beginning by Daniele Nicolosi

N.L.A. by Marco Minciarelli

N by Iacopo Di Girolamo

Stop Invasion! by Leopoldo Medugno

Divina Mortis by Josh Heisenberg

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