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NEW RELEASE - Bendito Machine Saga




Six tales about simple-minded organisms and their dazed relation with machines created from 2006-2018 by the Peruvian-Chilean animator Jossie Malis. Gentle creatures that survive in a state of perpetual dependence, where artifacts mark the passage of a glorious future. Everything you need is the spark of life, obey his commands, fuel the machines, pull the trigger and carry on…


BENDITO MACHINE I – Everything you need (2006)

BENDITO MACHINE II – The Spark of life (2007)

BENDITO MACHINE III – Obey his commands (2009)

BENDITO MACHINE IV – Fuel the machine (2012)

BENDITO MACHINE V – Pull the trigger (2014)

BENDITO MACHINE VI – Carry On (2018)


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