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NEW RELEASE - A Town Called Panic Series and Film


I enjoyed this film so much I'm sorry to report it was finally too much of a muchness. But I don't think that's a problem. ⭐⭐⭐ 1/2 out of 4 — Roger Ebert


Now showing both the full 20-episodes of A Town Called Panic (TV Series, 2002-2003) and the feature lenght A Town Called Panic (2009) on Spamflix, for a total of 175 minutes of panic inducing offbeat adventures by generic plastic toys!


A Town Called Panic is one of the rare full length animated films ever to secure the honor of a coveted slot in the Official Selection at Cannes. It all started in 2002 with 5 minute episodes following the zany life of a Cowboy, an Indian and the Horse who looks over them. In each episode either the trio or their friends manage to somehow turn the entire town into a hilarious turmoil which leads to the most nonsensical adventures.


Panic didn't return until 2009 with its first feature lenght, which throws the trio into a ludicrous journey around (and inside) the globe when Cowboy and Indian realise it's Horse's birthday and they didn't get him a present.


A very lo-fi Toy Story with the vibe of a live-action Terry Gilliam cartoon and the addled craziness of SpongeBob SquarePants; it's funny for adults and children alike in a refreshing, barking mad sort of way.The Guardian