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DOUBLE BILL - American Debuts


Watch Kelly Reichardt and Joel Potrykus' first feature for the price of 1 film


River of Grass (1994) brought the writer/director Kelly Reichardt (First Cow, Certain Women, Wendy & Lucy) back to the setting of her adolescence, the suburban landscape of southern Florida. Shot on 16mm, Reichardt described the story as "a road movie without the road, a love story without the love, and a crime story without the crime". The film introduces viewers to a director already in command of her craft and defining her signature style.


Ape (2012) has Joshua Burge (Buzzard, Relaxer, The Revenant) as a struggling comedian and part-time pyromaniac who finally takes his rage to the streets. As a former small-time stand-up comic, Joel Potrykus sought to tell the story about the daily frustrations and absurdities of the job. Winner of Best Emerging Director award at Locarno Film Festival.


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