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NEW RELEASE - BIFFF Shorts Programme 2019


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BIFFF is back in 2021! To celebrate the occasion, Spamflix brings you four science fiction and fantastic shorts films that premiered at the last edition of the Belgian festival.


Destination Reached, by Michiel Geluykens, Manuel Janssens. Katja is on her way to an important convention, but her GPS has taken a life of its own.

Parallax, by Amber Van Acker questions love and its sincerity, when you cannot even look to the person you love in the eyes.

Soleil Noir, by Adrien Léonard and Laure de Martelaere. Feeling watched, a woman hides in her room. Suddenly, a dark ball comes out from under her bed.

The Passport, a Sci-Fi Thriller by Olivier H. Dressen. On a mission to figure out his identity, Brian discovers truths that were better left forgotten.


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