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FREE SHORT FILM - The Enemy Lines




Completing the biggest retrospective on Spamflix to date, Denis Côté's The Enemy Lines is the final free short to join the catalogue. Alongside the 7 feature-lenght films by the cult director, you can also watch two other free short films: Maïté and Excursions.


"Masculinity is a terrible thing to waste. That was probably the first impulse surrounding the formation of this film. Then came the idea of war, which is more interesting than war itself." — Denis Côté


Funded by the South Korean Jeonju Film Festival, the story follows a six-men squad as they explore a forest. The menace is there somewhere. Armed, ready, looking for action, they wander, day and night, striving for a confrontation.


Starring Olivier Aubin, Hugo Giroux, Hubert Proulx, Marc-André Grondin, Benoit Lapierre, Christian LeBlanc.


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