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NEW RELEASE - Parabellum




Fitfully amusing and pleasingly unpredictable, Lukas Valenta Rinner's film ties a minimalist end-of-days scenario to a trenchant look at bourgeois nihilism. Variety


Lukas Valenta Rinner's debut feature, the pre-apocalyptic sci-fi film Parabellum is now streaming on Spamflix. The feature made its rounds through festivals such as Rotterdam, BFI, CPH: PIX, Göteborg and Jeonju, where it won the Special Jury Prize. The story was recognized by audiences not only for its minimalistic take on the end of the world, but also by the unexpected tonal shifts as it balances surreal comedy with serious events.


An atmosphere of insecurity spreads through Buenos Aires. To prepare for the impending apocalypse, Hernán joins a group of strangers in an isolated resort where they have a crash course in survival training. They prepare for the worst, but little by little, the playful military sport turns into bitter seriousness, and the participants return to their primal violent instincts.