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NEW RELEASE - Bad Lucky Goat


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Writer-director Oliveros does a nice job threading together all the evocative little moments, but more impressive are the relaxed, lightly improvised turns he coaxes out of his non-professional leads  — The Hollywood Reporter


The debut feature and first film ever written and produced in San Andrés–Providencia Creole, the black comedy Bad Lucky Goat is now streaming on Spamflix. Shot in the small island of Old Providence in the Colombian Caribbean, the film's cast is exclusively made up of local first-time actors and uses the real, untouched, locations to portrait the life and culture of the island and its five thousand inhabitants. Even the score only contains instruments found on the island.




After accidentally killing a bearded goat with their father's truck, two incompatible siblings embark on a journey of reconciliation. Corn and Rita must find a way to repair the truck in time to pick up the tourists that will be staying at their family's hotel. As they struggle to find the means necessary to conceal the accident, the siblings will visit all sorts of inhabitants in a 24-hour adventure around Port Paradise.


I wanted to make an honest movie, while preserving the pristine conditions found on the island, dramatizing the situations the characters went through but keeping everything else in its natural state.Director Samir Oliveros