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NEW RELEASE - Viktoria


Maya Vitkova’s debut feature, Viktoria, the first Bulgarian film to enter competition at the renowned festivals of Sundance and Rotterdam, garnering over 70 international selections and 10 awards, is now streaming on Spamflix.


A very rare kind of film, one that is centered on the feelings of bearing a woman's body—of the physical as well as emotional inwardness of women's lives— (...) — The New Yorker

A period drama with fantasy elements that give a powerful, intimate, and feminine picture about motherhood with fierce social commentary on Soviet Bulgaria. Rent it until July 8th and receive a free film!


Unwanted by her mother, Viktoria is being born with no umbilical cord and doesn't need Boryana until the hardships of life bind them together.


[An] ambitious feature debut for writer-director Maya Vitkova (...) Plenty of dryly absurdist Eastern European humor in its tale of a young woman whose first two decades of life are sharply divided by the fall of communism in Bulgaria.Variety