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NEW RELEASE - Technoboss




Having competed for the Golden Leopard at Locarno Film Festival and premiered at Thessaloniki, São Paulo, Milano, Moscow festivals, João Nicolau's idiosyncratic comedy musical Technoboss is now showing almost globally* on Spamflix.

Reminiscent of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, this comedy follows the 60-year-old security systems salesman Luís Rovisco, as he is frequently on the road to fix something somewhere engineered to annoy him in Tati-esque segments. In the car, Luis breaks into songs to vent his frustrations or sings themes close to his heart.


Retirement is coming soon for Luís Rovisco. Quick on the draw and with a ready smile, his years of experience allow him to gracefully avoid the traps that technology, his coworkers and a mysteriously absent boss keep setting on his path. The songs he dreams up during the day make up for all the injustices in his life.


*excluding Spain, Portugal, Brazil, France (its territories, possessions) and Italy.