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NEW RELEASE - She Dies Tomorrow




A gripping seriocomic apocalyptic thriller that combines classic David Cronenberg body horror and with the scathing surrealism of Luis BuñuelIndiewire


If there's ever a list of films that released at the perfect time, She Dies Tomorrow will be at the top. Set to world premiere at SXSW 2020, the film deals with loneliess, mass psychosis and other topics that in an alternate 2020 would've sounded surreal, but now there's an interesting parallel in this anxiety inducing horror-comedy-thriller. Director Amy Seimetz dives into her characters' psyches with alarming effect, crafting an avant-garde mosaic that evokes how they grapple with their mortalities, undercut by a sly, dark sense of humour.



Amy is ravaged by the notion that she is going to die tomorrow, which sends her down a dizzying emotional spiral. When her sceptical friend Jane discovers Amy's feeling of imminent death to be contagious, they both begin bizarre journeys through what might be the last day of their lives.


"She Dies Tomorrow" stares into the "undiscovered country" of dizzying colored strobe lights and makes you wonder what is out there, what comes next, why are we all so alone?Roger Ebert


*Available in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal