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Shahram Mokri Retrospective on Spamflix


Always with a touch of experimentation, Shahram Mokri pushes the boundaries of Iranian cinema and keeps the audiences on their toes. Never relying solely on one idea, his films take us on experimental rides with seamless ease.


Watch all the feature lenght films by the acclaimed Iranian director on Spamflix.


For his directorial debut, Ashkan, the Charmed Ring and other stories (2009), Mokri delivers an engaging nonlinear comedy about how a charmed ring changes everyone's destiny.


Fish & Cat (2013) brought the director to international limelight with this one-shot thriller, yet again with hints of nonlinear storytelling, that was adored by the critics. Premiered at Biennale.


With Invasion (2017), Mokri once again experiments with a one-shot story, now with a time-bending dystopian sci-fi vampire mystery flavour. Premiered at Berlinale, Karlovy Vary and L’Étrange film festivals.


Careless Crime (2020) is inspired by the infamous Cinema Rex fire in 1978 that triggered the Iranian Revolution, this mind-bending mystery film leapfrogs between past and present, fact and fiction, as history appears to be repeating itself.