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Brand new US Releases!


Hello American friends!

4 brand new crazy and twisted films are now available in the US:


CUB by Jonas Govaerts (Belgium, 2014)
A camping trip turns into a carnage for a troop of cub scouts as a killer stalks them with deadly traps.


DER SAMURAI by Till Kleinert (Germany, 2014)
A young police officer stalks a cross-dressing villain with a sword and a predilection for beheadings.


GANDU by Q (India, 2010)
A wildly inventive and visually stunning tale of weird, poor teen and his ambition to become a rapper.


HARD ROMANTIKER by Su-yeon Gu (Japan, 2011)

A cocky young gangster finds that all kinds of people are out to kill him in this frenetic crime thriller.