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NEW RELEASE - Alone Man by Cláudia Jouvin



Alone Man [Um Homem Só] by Cláudia Jouvin (Brazil, 2016)

Writer of several features, including The Nightshifter (Brazil, 2018), Dennison Ramalho's Horror, Mystery, Thriller 1st feature that premiered at Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, Cláudia Jouvin's directorial debut lands on Spamflix!

Arnaldo is a frustrated man trapped into a failed marriage and a job he hates. That is until he meets Josie, a young redhead with unique beauty and eccentric ways who works with her aunt at a pet cemetery. In love, he sets himself up to find a clandestine clinic specialized in cloning human beings, believing having a double will solve all his problems. Arnaldo did not realize however that to go ahead with his plans meant having to face himself off.