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Alex Cox Retrospective


Have you heard the news?

Alex Cox's retrospective is arriving on Spamflix, starting today with his 1998's Fantasy/Comedy Three Businessmen, starring Miguel Sandoval, Alex Cox himself and Robert Wisdom.

Bennie (Miguel Sandoval) and Frank (Alex Cox) are two art dealers staying at the same hotel in Liverpool. When they try to have dinner at the hotel's restaurant the staff is nowhere to be seen. Together, they venture through Liverpool's night life looking for an acceptable restaurant, until they get lost and realize they're no longer in Liverpool.

While trying to find their way to the hotel, they'll meet interesting characters and live surreal experiences.


Four further films by Alex Cox are being released in the upcoming weeks:

Oct 10th - Highway Patrolman (El Patrullero, 1991)

Oct 17th - Death & the Compass (1996), based on Jorge Luis Borges' novel

Oct 24th - Tombstone Rashomon (2017), Alex Cox's latest directorial effort

Oct 31st - Straight to Hell Returns (2010), digital remastering and re-cut version of the 1987 cult film, starring Sy Richardons, Joe Strummer, Courntey Love, Kathy Burke, featuring cameos of Dennis Hopper, Jim Jarmush, Elvis Costello, Grace Jones and The Pogues is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween!