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Three Businessmen


Alex Cox


Bennie (Miguel Sandoval) and Frank (Alex Cox) are two art dealers staying at the same hotel in Liverpool. When they try to have dinner at the hotel's restaurant the staff is nowhere to be seen. Together, they venture through Liverpool's night life looking for an acceptable restaurant, until they get lost and realize they're no longer in Liverpool.

While trying to find their way back to the hotel, they meet interesting characters and live a surreal experience.



Miguel Sandoval, Alex Cox, Robert Wisdom, Isabel Ampudia


Writer: Tod Davies; Music: Pray For Rain; Sound Design: Richard Beggs; Cinematographer: Robert Tregenza


Hamptons International Film Festival

Director's Filmography

- Tombstone Rashomon, 2017

- Bill the Galactic Hero, 2014

- Scene Missing, documentary, 2012

- Straight to Hell Returns, 2010

- Repo Chick, 2009

- Searchers 2.0, 2007

- The Pogues: Poguevision, 2006

- I'm a Juvenile Delinquent, Jail Me!, 2004

- Revengers Tragedy, 2002

- Shiritsu tantei Hama Maiku, TV Series, 2002

- A Hard Look, documentary, 2000

- Kurosawa: The Last Emperor, documentary, 1999

- Three Businessmen, 1998

- Rambler '65, short, 1997

- The Winner, 1996

- Death and the Compass, 1996

- Highway Patrolman, 1991

- Red Hot and Blue, segment Well, Did You Evah!, 1990

- Walker, 1987

- Straight to Hell, 1987

- Sid and Nancy, 1986

- Repo Man, 1984

- Sleep Is for Sissies, short, 1980

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