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Red Line Crossing


Shûgô Fujii


Based on a true story.

When the Principal of a Japanese Junior High-School is attacked, the teachers suspect it was the students. To find the culprit, the faculty members decide to secretly inspect the students' bags. As Mr. Mori and his colleagues conduct the search, they discover that one girl isn't just intelligent and beautiful, but that she's also the definition of "heartless evil". Her very existence drives teachers to madness.


Hiroshi Katsura, Hitomi Kawano, Tomoya Mochizuki, Ayumu Okumoto, Maiko Onohara, Takako Sakai, Miya Savini, Tatsuji Sugiyama, Daiki Tanaka, Etsuko Tanemura, Gen Ura


Writer: Shugo Fujii, Akio Miyazawa; Composer: Svyatoslav Petrov; Cinematographer: Shûgô Fujii; Editor: Shûgô Fujii


Japan Film Fest Hamburg

Director's Filmography

- Mimicry Freaks, 2019

- Red Line Crossing, 2017

- Delusion, 2006

- White Panic, 2005

- Kan-Kin, short, 2001

- Living Hell, 2000

- Seesaw Game, short, 1997

- Blackhole, short, 1994

- Grief, short, 1994

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