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Erratum 2037


Ben Brothers (Elie Benoit, Emilien Benoit, Johann Benoit)


Two kids receive a message from the future on their computer and become wide-eyed heroes in a world at the mercy of time paradoxes. Entangled by two fallen secret agents, the teenagers must thwart the plans of a brilliant scientist hungry for power.


Teddy Arlot, Elie Benoit, Emilien Benoit, Timothe Beugnet, Alex Lanz Ketcham, Mariano Vincente


Writer: Elie Benoit, Emilien Benoit, Johann Benoit; Composer: Phil Garbutt


Festival Cinemabrut, Sci-Fi Film Festival, Festival les Intergalactiques, Chuncheon Film Festival

Director's Filmography

- Erratum 2037, 2017

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