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Saint Martyrs of the Damned


Robin Aubert


In the small Quebec village of Saint Martyrs of the Damned, people are mysteriously disappearing. RAOUL BOSH (Pierre Collin), editor of a tabloid newspaper that chronicles bizarre and supernatural events, decides to send one of his journalists, FLAVIEN JUSTE (François Chénier), and his photographer, ARMAND DESPAS (Patrice Robitaille), to the village of Saint Martyrs of the Damned to investigate and write some articles about the strange occurrences. Upon their arrival in Saint Martyrs of the Damned, FLAVIEN and ARMAND check into the Two Malvinas Lodge. Shortly after, ARMAND ventures outside to take some photos and he promptly disappears. FLAVIEN then embarks on a mission to find his friend. He will stop at nothing, despite the hostility of the villagers, who resent newcomers meddling in their business. But FLAVIEN refuses to go back home without ARMAND, even if it means revealing the shocking truth about Saint Martyrs of the Damned. Will he make it back home, or will he be trapped there forever? Can the soul live on without a body?


François Chénier, Guy Vaillancourt, France Labonté, Alain Martel, Marc Boily, Patrice Robitaille, Pierre Collin, Mathilde Lavigne


Writer: Robin Aubert; Composer: Yves Desrosiers; Cinematographer: Steve Asselin; Editor: Michel Arcand


Fantasporto - Oporto International Film Festival

Director's Filmography

Merci pour tout, 2019

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Tuktuq, 2016

Sur le ciment, short, 2014

À l'origine d'un cri, 2010

À quelle heure le train pour nulle part, 2009

Saint Martyrs of the Damned, 2005

Lila, short, 2000

M comme maudit criss, short, 1999

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