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Η τελική αποπληρωμή

The Final Payoff


Alexander Leontaritis


Greg, an ex-boxer, works a powerful loan shark in Athens. He and his partner collect debts, plus interest, from borrowers. They both come across everyday people who have been affected by the financial crisis and have loans which have to be repaid on time! Greg starts having moral concerns when things go wrong and has to choose between his job and beginning a new life with an ambitious actress he falls for. But a well-kept secret from his past will quickly make him reconsider his life and force him to collide with everyone and everything to make the final payoff!


Greg Terzakis, Yannis Bostantzoglou, Giorgos Giannopoulos, Eleni Filini, Christos Theofilatos, Marina Tsigonaki, Vangelis Mourikis


Writer: Alexander Leontaritis; Composer: George Krezos; Cinematographer: Vlassis Skoulis; Editor: Dimitris Kadis


Cyprus International Film Festival, Horrorant Film Festival 'Fright Nights'

Director's Filmography

- Waiting Room, 2018

- Dynami, short, 2014

- The Final Payoff, 2013

- Down the Rabbit Hole, short, 2013

- The Agent, short, 2012

- No Chance, short, 2009

- Hollywood Dreams, short, 2009

- 10 Minutes, short, 2008

- Negatif, short, 2006

- Lost in the Crossing, short, 2005

- The Trojan Guy, short, 2005

- Imperfection, short, 2004

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