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Who Loves the Sun


Matt Bissonnette


Will Morrison and Daniel Bloom were the best of friends. They grew up together. Went to the same schools. Liked the same records. Loved the same girls. Daniel was Will’s best man at his wedding to Maggie Claire. Then one day Will disappeared without a word. Half a decade later he re-surfaces and sets off a tsunami of unforeseeable events. WHO LOVES THE SUN is a delightfully witty character comedy, featuring perfectly pitched performances, a great soundtrack from Portastatic, songs from the Silver Jews, and some hilariously realistic bad fighting.


Lukas Haas, Molly Parker, Adam Scott, R.H. Thomson, Wendy Crewson


Writer: Matt Bissonnette; Composer: Mac McCaughan; Cinematographer: Arthur E. Cooper; Editor: Michele Conroy



Director's Filmography

- Death of a Ladies' Man, 2020

Passenger Side, 2009

Who Loves the Sun, 2006

Looking for Leonard, 2002

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