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Saya-zamurai (さや侍)

Scabbard Samurai


Hitoshi Matsumoto


Kanjuro Nomi is an aging samurai who only has a scabbard. With a past that made him throw away his sword and refuse to fight, he now journeys to nowhere with Tae, his only daughter. Kanjuro becomes a wanted man for deserting his lord and is sentenced to “The Thirty-Day Feat”: a formidable task to restore a smile to the sad prince who has lost his mother. He has thirty days to complete his assignment and one chance per day; if he succeeds, he walks free. If he fails, he must commit seppuku (the Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment). The pressure is on as Kanjuro and Tae risk their lives in a battle of wits without a sword. Will the samurai be able to save himself and his beloved daughter?


Takaaki Nomi, Jun Kunimura, Masatô Ibu, Itsuji Itao,


Writers: Mitsuyoshi Takasu, Tomoji Hasegawa, Kôji Ema, Mitsuru Kuramoto, Hitoshi Matsumoto, Itsuji Itao; Composer: Yasuaki Shimizu; Cinematographer: Ryûto Kondô; Editor: Yoshitaka Honda


Locarno Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, RiverRun International Film Festival

Director's Filmography

- R100, 2013

- Scabbard Samurai (Saya Zamurai さや侍), 2011

- Symbol (Shinboru; しんぼる), 2009

- Big Man Japan (Dai-Nihonjin; 大日本人), 2007

- Zassā (ザッサー), short, 2006

- Sasuke (佐助), short, 2001

- Visualbum Vol. Grape – Relief (ビジュアルバム Vol. ブドウ安心), short, 1999

- Visualbum Vol. Banana–Kindness (ビジュアルバム Vol. バナナ親切), short, 1998

- Visualbum Vol. Apple – Promise (ビジュアルバム Vol. リンゴ約束), short, 1998

- Sundome Kaikyō (寸止め海峡), short, 1995

- Tōzu (頭頭), short, 1993

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