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Victor Quinaz


Featuring Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, Margin Call), Penn Badgley (You, Gossip Girl), Willie Garson (White Collar), and YouTube star Grace Helbig, this raucous comedy chronicles the historical journey from the Big Bang to the end of humanity. It all started off as a web series and became a collection about different eras and time periods, with a very wacky and nonsense approach and sometimes adapting literary works.


Philip Quinaz, Alison Fyhrie, A.M. Lukas, Brian Shoaf, Mary Grill, Giovanni P. Autran, Penn Badgley, Willie Garson, Pablo Schreiber, Zachary Quinto, Grace Helbig


Writers: A.M. Luka, Victor Quinaz; Cinematographer: Giovanni P. Autran; Editors: Giovanni P. Autran, Evan Leed, Charlie Porter


HollyShorts Film Festival

Director's Filmography

- The Genderton Project, TV Movie, 2015

- Dog CEO, TV Mini-Series, 2014

- Breakup at a Wedding, 2013

- Big City, Bright Lights, short, 2013

- Lil Women, short, 2013

- East of Eden, short, 2012

- Periods., 2012

- Fops, Short, 2012

- Re:Creation, short, 2012

- Viking Wives, short, 2012

- DEC. 26, short, 2011

- Nam, short, 2011

- Before After II, short, 2010

- Hags, short, 2010

- Forefathers, short, 2010

- Stunted, TV Mini-Series, 2010

- Before After, short, 2010

- Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome, short, 2010

- Pilgrims, short, 2009

- Chinese Dream, short, 2004

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