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Denis Côté


In Lisbon, Claudia offers guided tours in and out of the city. At night, she kills time with her sister in a modest apartment. In Lisbon, lonesome Martinho is fluent in Italian and guide tourists all around town. In Lisbon, a band is jamming. They perform improvisational noise jazz. In Lisbon, a mysterious phenomenon fills the air. Claudia and Martinho’s lonely hearts will discreetly meet to the sound of music.


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Cláudia Leal, Martinho De Jesus, Joana de Verona, Patrícia Leal


Script: Denis Côté; Cinematography: André Santos; Editing: Nicolas Roy; Sound: Marco Leão; Sound Design: Frédéric Cloutier; Music: Red Trio


IndieLisboa - International Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Montreal, Jeonju International Film Festival, Kaohsiung Film Festival

Director's Filmography

Wilcox, 2019

Ghost Town Anthology, 2019

A Skin So Soft, 2017

BorisWithout Béatrice, 2016

Here in Lisbonsegment: Excursions, 2015

May We Sleep Soundly, short, 2015

Joy of Man's Desiring, 2014

Vic + Flo Saw a Bear, 2013

Bestiary, 2012

Sans Titre, short, 2011

Curling, 2010

Les lignes ennemies, short, 2010

Carcasses, 2009

All That She Wants, 2008

- Maïté, short, 2007

Our Private Lives, 2007

Drifting States, 2005

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