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Glenn Barit


An absurd coming-of-age anthology film about high school student "cleaners" from a catholic school in a rural city back in 2008. Each of the students struggle with different societal pressures of being clean, proper and pure. We follow them as they also begin to discover that the world is dirty and superficial to begin with.

This nostalgic trip to simpler days of self-discovery and social awakening is presented uniquely through 30,000 frames printed, photocopied, hand-coloured with highlighters, before being assembled back again digitally to achieve the final look.


Ianna Taguinod, Leomar Baloran, Julian Narag, Carlo Mejia, Gianne Emira Rivera, Allan Gannaban, Charise Mabbonag, Andrei Marquez


Writer & Composer: Glenn Barit; Cinematographer: Steven Evangelio; Editor: Noah Loyola, Che Tagyamon


Busan International Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

Extra Contents

1 - Behind the Scenes of Post-Production | 2 - Behind the Scenes Gallery

Director's Filmography

- Cleaners, 2019

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