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Richard's Wedding


Onur Tukel


RICHARD’S WEDDING is an ensemble comedy that explores how the most enduring friendships require a mixture of envy, love and ridiculous egomania disguised as self-contempt. Alex and Tuna are on their way to Richard and Phoebe’s wedding, to be reunited with a group of old friends. As they make their trek from Brooklyn to Central Park, they’re joined by an ever-increasing number of friends with their own set of misgivings, self-righteousness, and violently annoying iPhone Apps.


Jennifer Prediger, Onur Tukel, Darrill Rosen, Jamie Dobie, Heddy Lahmann, Oona Mekas, Adam Schartoff, Thomas J. Buchmueller, Lawrence Levine, Josephine Decker, Dustin Guy Defa, Randy Gambill, Theresa Lu


Writer: Onur Tukel; Cinematographers: Jason Banker, Jorge Torres-Torres; Editor: Onur Tukel


Director's Filmography

That Cold Dead Look in Your Eyes, 2021

Scenes from an Empty Church, 2021

Black Magic for White Boys, 2017

The Misogynists, 2017

Catfight, 2016

Abby Singer/Songwriter, 2015

Applesauce, 2015

Summer of Blood, 2014

Richard's Wedding, 2012

The Tozer Show: Bombs & Blueballs, short, 2005

The Pigs, 2005

Ding-a-ling-Less, 2001

Drawing Blood, 1999

House of Pancakes, 1997

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