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Big in Japan


John Jeffcoat


With adulthood calling and a lack of success pulling them down, Seattle indie rock band Tennis Pro decide to put it all on the line and take a crack at making it big in Japan before calling it quits for good.


David Drury, John Jeffcoat, Aya Kawahara, Yuko Kawahara, Sean Lowry, Tiffany Lowry, Kailena Mai


Writer: John Jeffcoat; Composer: Phillip Peterson; Cinematographers: John Jeffcoat, Ryan McMackin; Editors: John Jeffcoat, Michelle M. Witten


SXSW Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival

Director's Filmography

Big in Japan, 2014

Un Film de James, short, 2008

Outsourced, 2006

Milk, short, 2001

Bingo! The Documentary, 1999

The Man Who Counted, short, 1998

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