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Thee Wreckers Tetralogy




Four films by Rosto


No Place Like Home // Lonely Bones // Splintertime // Reruns


Four guys, one band. Four stories, one film. A band on a trip to nowhere, while music keeps the dream alive and revives memories. A Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasia!


Rosto, W. Folley, W. Walley, Nina Nestelaar, Nikki Hock, Robin Berkelmans, Erwin Dörr, Barnaby Savage, Rosie Templeton, Jurriaan de Vos, Juan Carlos Tajes, Max Bunten, Hank Botwinik, W. Rooney


Writer, Cinematographer, Composer: Rosto.


Extra Contents

1 - Storyboard of Splinter | 2 - Super 8 Test of Reruns | 3 - Rosto Artworks | 4 - Everything's Different, Nothing Has Changed (Documentary)

Director's Filmography

- Thee Wrecekers Tetralogy, 2020

- Reruns, short, 2018

- Big White/Big Black, short, 2016

- Splintertime, short, 2015

- Lonely Bones, short, 2013

- The Monster of Nix, short, 2011

- No Place Like Home, 2009

- Jona/Tomberry, short, 2005

- The Residents: Phantom, short, 2004

- The Rise and Fall of the Legendary Anglobilly Feverson, short, 2002

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