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El fantasma de la sauna

The Phantom of the Sauna


Luis Navarrete


Javi, a young rent boy living in Madrid, comes to the club Sauna Popular looking for a job, a wonderful place filled with magic. But Asun, the owner, just keeps the business for hidden purposes.

Javi’s arrival will unleash a lot of strange events in the sauna, making things harder for Asun. Meanwhile, a strange man living in the air ducts, falls in love with the boy.

The young rent boy, his "phantom" lover and the owner of the club will live a story marked by lust, love and death.


Antonia San Juan, Nestor Goenaga, Martín Spínola, Pablo Liñares, Supremme De Luxe, Pupi Poisson


Writers: Luis Navarrete, Martín Spínola; Composers: Ramón Grau, Paco Periago; Cinematographer: David Aguirre; Editor: Jone López Esnaola


Turin Lovers Film Festival, Merced Queer Film Festival, LGBT Los Angeles Film Festival, qFLIX Philadelphia 2022: The LGBTQ+ Film Festival, ¡Goya Queer! - Mexico LGBTQ+ International Film Festival, Goiás, Sexual Diversity and Gender International Film Festival

Director's Filmography

- The Phantom of the Sauna, 2021

- Directed by Lola, short, 2019

- Daddy Dearest, short, 2018

- A Palace Between the Clouds, short, 2018

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