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Veit Helmer


In a desolate and colorless landscape stands a dilapidated bathhouse run by a puffed-up blind man, his long-suffering wife, and their son Anton, who does all the work. He's lonely and unsophisticated, and he falls in love with the beautiful Eva, who comes to bathe with her father. When Eva and her father lose their home, they come to the bathhouse to stay, but bits of the ceiling fall on the old man and he dies. Eva blames Anton, and she seems to seek the arms of the brute Gregor. Can Anton win back her heart, get the bathhouse through a rigorous government inspection, and help keep his parents employed? Waiting out there somewhere is the paradise island of Tuvalu.


Check out a 4 film retrospective on the director, Veit Helmer.


Denis Lavant, Chulpan Khamatova, Philippe Clay, Terrence Gillespie, Catalina Murgea, E.J. Callahan, Djoko Rosic


Writers: Michaela Beck, Veit Helmer, Lyudmila Merdzhanska; Composer: Goran Bregovic, Jürgen Knieper; Cinematographer: Emil Christov; Editor: Araksi Muhibyan


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Fantasporto - Oporto International Film Festival, Lund International Fantastic Film Festival

Director's Filmography

- The Bra, 2018

- Fiddlesticks, 2014

- Baikonur, 2011

- Dushanbe with Love, short, 2009

- Absurdistan, 2008

- Surprise! 12 Filme von Veit Helmer, 2006

- Dog's Life, short, 2005

- Behind the Couch: Casting in Hollywood, 2005

- Boom, short, 2005

- Caspian Bride, short, 2005

- Georgian Summer, short, 2004

- Gate to Heaven, 2003

- Uzbek Express!, short, 2003

- House of Joy, short, 2001

- Be Careful at Night, short, 2001

- City Lives: Berlin, 2000

- Tuvalu, 1999

- Suprise!, short, 1998

- Tour Eiffel, short, 1994

- The Window Cleaner, short, 1993

- Within Grasp, short, 1991

- Bandits, short, 1990

- Tour d'Amour, short, 1989

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